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How to Transfer Music from Android to Android

How to Transfer Music from Android to Android

When you buy a new Android phone,you need to transfer all your favorite music from old Android phone to new one,such as transfer music from HTC to Samsung,copy music from Sony to Samsung Galaxy phone,transfer songs from android phone to android tablets.Any way to transfer your former music saved on the old Android device to another newly bought Android phone or Android tablets? Next,we show you a way easily transfer music between two Android devices.

Phone Transfer is a useful mobile phone transfer tool,it supports copy any data between two Android devices,you can not only transfer music from old Android to new Android devices,but also supports transfer sms, contacts, videos, photos,ect between two Android devices.With this powerful mobile phone transfer tool,you can directly transfer music to any new Android devices.
In additional if you want to backup music or other data from Android to computer/Mac,you can use this Android Data Transfer, which supports backup contacts, sms messages, muisc, call logs and more to Mac or Windows computer.

The below free trial version is for you to download. Try it before going to the next step.

How to Transfer Music from Android to Android

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer and run it
First, you should download the app and finish installation. Launch it, you will see a window below shows up.

Step 2 Connect both your Android devices to PC meanwhile
After running the app, connect your two Android phones to PC with USB cables and the app will detect your mobiles automatically. Your Android devices will be shown as "Source" and "Destination". "Destination" means the phone you want to move your music to. Caution that the locations will be misplaced and you should change them by clicking "flip".

Note: Here we take Sony and HTC as the examples. Other mobiles are also supported.If you want to empty your destination mobile, please tick "Clear data before copy".

Step 3 Transfer your music from Android to Android
Please remove the marks before other files and tick "music" only.Eventually, to start transferring, tick the green button "Start Copy". Keep waiting for seconds, and click "OK" when it is completed.Don't remove any of your mobile USB cables until it ends.

Just need 3 simple steps, you can easily transfer your music between Android mobile phones. What’s more,this phone transfer also can help you transfer other data between two Android devices, like messages, contacts, video and so on.If you want to transfer music from Android to iPhone or Nokia phone,this powerful phone transfer is the betst for you.


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