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How to recover lost video from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8

How to recover lost video from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8

I believe many people like me, like to use the mobile phone to shoot video to record the happy time. Using mobile phones to shoot video is convenient and fast, so many of the mobile phones store a lot of video of their own collections. But if one day, in case of misfortune or carelessness, we would have deleted the video in our cell phone, how about that?


Sometimes, for us, lose a precious video just like losing a precious memory. The mood of losing video, we all understand. Ben likes to shoot video with mobile phone, his mobile phone---Samsung Galaxy S7 kept a lot of variety of video. Mobile phone video for him, as if that is his treasure. But unfortunately, one day, because the video was not good, he rushed to delete it, but accidentally put all the video on the phone deleted, and now this is very worried, he was thinking: how can he find the video back.

How to recover lost video from Samsung Galaxy S7

In fact, the method of retrieving video is simple, you only need Android data recovery. With the Android data recovery, you can retrieve the video safely and quickly. What's more, it can not only help you retrieve video, but also help you recover other data, such as photos, audio, music, SMS, WhatsApp, message, audio, recording and so on.


Samsung Galaxy video recovery----Android data recovery can help you recover accidentally deleted data, retrieve the missing data by the system upgrade, get back the missing data due to restore the factory settings. It can be said that it can help you respond to any cases with missing data.


Android data recovery is a very good data recovery software, his data recovery rate ranks first in the industry. It applies to a lot of Android phones, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Meizu, OPPO, vivo, and so on. All of these Android phones are basically applicable.


If you are interested in this software, you need to know more about it. Please read the following instructions carefully.


If you need this kind of help, you can download the trial version of Samsung video recovery on your computer for free.



Here are two ways to restore Android's missing data:

Method 1: how to restore data to backup after losing data

Nowadays, people usually use the system backup function or cloud services (such as Google) to backup their mobile phone data. If you have a good habit of doing regular backup or synchronization, it's easier to recover files after you reset the Android phone or lose data when you leave the factory.

Option 1: Recover Android Data from Google

If you have set up Google account on your Android and enabled synchronization for all data, after factory reset, you can set up your Google account again on the phone. An option during the set up process will allow you to restore all the synced data.

Option 2: Restore Android Data from Backup

Many Android phones are endowed with local backup app or function. If you have backed up data regularly, then, after factory reset, just go to “Settings” > “Back up & restore”, and select the latest backup file to restore data from backup.

Method 2:Free download Android data recovery software to try(Recommend)

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung  Galaxy s7

Step 1. Connect your Samsung  Galaxy s7 to your computer

First of all, you have to dowmload, install and run Samsung Data Recovery on your computer in advance. At the same time, connect your phone to computer with a USB cable. Then select "Data Recovery" among all the toolkits.

Note: If your Android OS version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your Android phone, tap on "OK" to allow USB debugging.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

After the phone is connected successfully, The software will display all the data types that can be restored. If you only want to restore photos and videos, you just have to choose "Gallery" and "Video". Then click "Next" to contiune the process.

Step 3. Scan your device to find the lost data on it

Then you can choose the scan mode, divided into "Standard mode" and "Advanced mode". If you are the first to use this software, in order to restore the data faster, we recommend that you use the "Standard mode", if you can not find the data you want, then select "Advanced mode". Now, click "Start" to scan your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted data on Samsung  Galaxy s7

When the scan is complete, you can preview all the photos and videos one by one, Choose the items you want to recover, then click "Recover". The photos and videos that have been successfully restored are automatically saved in your computer.



There are many unexpected surprises in my life. In order to avoid data loss, we must regularly store our important data on the computer.


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