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How to Clean UP Your iTunes Music Library

How to Clean UP Your iTunes Music Library

Since there are human civilization,began to have music creation, songs, music has been integrated into every aspect of our lives, no matter you are idle or very busy, no matter you are happy or not happy, no matter you are adults or children, you can listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere, music really is everywhere.

May be in the music you like on your Mac PC, have different singers, different albums, different genre, different languages or of different style, it sounds really wonderful. However, when you as long as a day of free time, will you spend half of or more the time to organize the thousands of music files on your iTunes library? Will you crazy for this excruciatingly inefficient or unattractive way?

Please don’t worry! TidyMyMusic for Mac provides a simple all-in-one solution for completing missing song, artist, genre, and album art in your music library. It have ability to automatically fix mislabeled songs with song name, artist info, and more, helping you to download missing album artwork, find and download song lyrics. In addition, the program allows you to remove duplicated songs to free up hard drive space, and automated batch processing saves you hours of manual searching.

You can free download the trial version below, and try to clean up your iTunes music library by following the easy guide.

How to Clean UP Your iTunes Music Library on Mac

Firstly, download the program and install on your Mac PC. Then follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Import your music library to the program

For iTunes library:
All the music on iTunes will be automatically added to the file tray under Tidy iTunes when the program opens.

For local music:
For music outside of iTunes, you can directly drag the music files or folders to the program under Tidy Music.

Step 2: Scan to identify songs and find duplicates

It works the same under Tidy iTunes and Tidy Music and we will take the Tidy iTunes window as an example. Click the Scan button after ticking the checkbox of “Search for Unidentified Songs” and“Search for Duplicated Songs”. The program will then start to scan the whole library to identify all the songs and find duplicates.

Step 3: Apply the information to the songs

After the scanning is over, click “Identified Songs” in the status bar. Select one song and its information will show in the right column. After checking, click Apply on the bottom right. Then the information will be added to the music files. You can also select several songs to apply at the same time.

Step 4: Edit the Information if you like

You can also edit the information after applying the found information. Click the Pencil icon shown in the following picture and fill-in the editing field or drag any image to the album art area.

Step 5: Remove duplicated songs

Click “Duplicated Songs” in the status bar. Then choose one song in the file tray and all files of the same song will show up in the right column. Usually the music file with higher quality will be put a tick and the lower quality a cross. Press the Dedupe button to remove the songs to trash.

Okay now! You can say goodbye to “Unknown Artist” and unidentified music like “Track 01”, and get a neat and organized music collection with full information.

What’s more of TidyMyMusic for Mac


TidyMyMusic for Mac automatically finds and downloads all information for your music. After that, you can apply the information to every piece of song as you want.

System Requirements

-Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
-Supported iTunes: 10.7 and above

Supported Output Format
-MP3 (*.mp3)
-M4A (*.m4a)

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