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How to Erase Data on Samsung Phone or Tablet Permanently

How to Erase Data on Samsung Phone or Tablet Permanently

You have been used the Samsung phone and tablet in the past, while now bought a new Samsung or other brands of device to replace your old Samsung device. Are you want to resell your old Samsung on eBay, give the old Samsung to your friends or family, donate it to charity and so on? Anyway, you never know where your old Samsung device will end up, you just do not want to leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves, so it's necessary to erase all the data on your Samsung device before dealing with it. However, simple delete is not enough, which will leave the possibility of recovery, such as recover the deleted data with the Android Data Recovery, so, how to permanent erase all the data on Samsung without anything recoverable.

Android Data Eraser is the best Android data eraser to get your Android started with a clean slate before your resell, donate and more. With the help of this program, you can easily wipe all data like contacts, messages, call history, Apps, photos, videos and other personal data from your Samsung phone and tablet with a click, and all the erased data can not being restored even use the most powerful and professional data recovery tool.

Download a trial version here and have a try, but attention here please, the Mac version can only transfer data between iDevices and Android device.

Simple Steps to Wipe All Data from Samsung Phone and Tablet

Step 1: Backup your Samsung data with a clcik

All the erase data will clean up from your Samsung after wiping, so please keep in mind that backup the data from your Samsung device to PC, so that you can recover with ease. To backup your Samsung, you can use this Android Data Eraser directly or the Android Data Transfer.

backup android data to computer
Step 2: Launch the program and connect Samsung to PC

Install and launch the program on your computer, when you see the primary window, connect your Samsung to PC via an USB cable.

deleted data from android permanently
Step 3: Permanent erase all data on your Samsung

Go to the lower-right corner and click "Erase Now" and you will see a dialog coming out. Read the tips and enter "delete" in the box. Then, click "Start to erase" to erase all of your data from your Samsung device.

wipe android data permanently


More About The Android Data Eraser

Perfect solutions of erase all of your data from your old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android device with a click, and 100% nothing can be retrieved.
Android Data Eraser is the all-in-one data managment software, not only allows us to permanent wipe data from Android devices, but also can directly transfer data from phone to phone (they can be the Anroid, iDevices, Symbian), backup data to PC, restore the previous saved backup file to any supported devices, and permanent all data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Delete Data from Android Permanently

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