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How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone

How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone

If you want to sell your iPhone or donate the iPhone to your friend,the first thing you think of is to permanently delete photos on iPhone,however,anyone can browse your privacy photos on the iPhone. If you want to deleted iPhone photo by simply "deleting" from the device,actually,it won't work perfectly because Apple encrypt rather than remove them,on the other hand,the professional iPhone data recovery can recover those deleted photo easily.However,how to delete photo from iPhone permanently? Even some of the ios recovery software is not able to restore it..

Here,let’s recommend you a professional iPhone Data Eraser software-ios data eraser,which is special designed for iPhone users remove all file from iPhone completely and permanently. If you want to completely remove all the useless photos to free up more hard disk space, this iPhone data eraser can help you clear the worthless data successfully only with one simple click; If you are ready to resell your old iPhone, please delete all iPhone files and personal privacy information in your iPhone permanently, so anyone not able to steal your privacy data on iPhone.Overall, this iPhone data eraser is a very useful tool that everyone must have to ensure that your privacy will never leak,it supports erase iPhone photos, contacts, SMS, notes, videos and other personal information permanently,and it works well with iPhone 5s/5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Next, let’s shows you how to permanently erase iPhone photo.

Note: Please back up your iPhone data to computer before erase everything on iPhone,once you use this iPhone data eraser to deleted data,you will never be able to recover it.However,to transfer data between iPhone and computer,you can use iPhone to computer transfer, this iPhone transfer tool allows you transfer everything between iPhone and computer easily. Do not use iTunes or iCloud backup, it will restore the deleted or unwanted photos on the iPhone again.

Permanently Delete Photos from your iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to a Computer with USB cable

When run the iPhone data eraser on the computer,then please use a USB cable connect your iPhone to the. The software will automatically detect your iPhone's data,here
you can see the main interface as below.

Step 2: Select the files you want to delete

After scan the iPhone devices,there are two options are provided for you to erase iPhone data,choose the first option "Eraser All Data On Device" and remove them.

Step 3: Permanently Erase all Data on iPhone

Please select a security level to remove all data on your iPhone and click "Start". You will be asked to enter a word to confirm your actions. Then, the program start to erase your iPhone file.Please wait a few minutes,because it requires analyzing your data.

Notes: In the process of clearing the iPhone data, do not disconnect the iPhone connected to the computer, otherwise the erasing won't success. When finished, click "Finish" button to complete the process.In additional,if you want to transfer previous useful data to new iPhone again,you can use iPhone iPad Data Manager (Mac),it let's you copy any data from Mac computer to iPhone easily.To learn more information about iPhone Data Eraser,please see detailed description.

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