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The birth of Samsung Galaxy Gear and the potential Development of SmartWatch

The birth of Samsung Galaxy Gear and the potential Development of SmartWatch

Many senior researchers of electronic products believe that the smartwatch market is a sleeping giant. Huge market potential waiting manufacturers' development. If who can do it right and keep one step ahead, he would create huge profit and deeply affect our mobile lives.

In emerging gadget market of smartwatch, Samsung successfully launched the smartwatch wars by introducing Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which will go on sale in late September in much of the world and in October in the United States and Japan.

It is no doubt that Samsung has keen market sense that keep ahead in mobile phone and tablet market. "I can proudly say Galaxy Gear is a design statement, an engineering marvel and something that really redefines tomorrow." Said by Samsung research director Pranav Mistry at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear launch event in Berlin.

In the other hand, a Samsung executive expressed the view:“We’ve acknowledged that our Gear lacks something special. With more investment for user interface and user experience, Samsung devices will be better in terms of customer satisfaction.”

In summary, The birth of Galaxy Gear actually proved major mobile phone manufactures are setting up a new strategy to win more market share of smart mobile life in the future. Next we can soon see Google, Apple and other manufactures join in the war of smartwatch.Let us look forward to seeing more smartwatch birth and the development of smart watch like Galaxy Gear, A.I. SmartWatch etc.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch look like this in the next generation?

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