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How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Phone to iPhone

There is no doubt that in science technology and information technology highly developed today, with the continuous development of mobile terminal technology, mobile terminal technology development hot spots will be reflected in the multimode access, multimedia, intelligent, data communication, mobile search, electrical technology and fashionable appearance design, and other aspects. The past has been using Nokia phone? Now bought a new iPhone? Getting a big confused problem that you don’t understand how to transfer existing contacts stored in Nokia Phone to the new iPhone fleetly and easily, not type the contacts one by one?

Thanks to research and development personnel and their humanized data transfer software Mobile Transfer, above problems are easily solved.Mobile Transfer is a powerful and valuable software that enable to one-click directly transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos and more between Android, Symbian and iOS devices without any difficulty and any data loss.

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Next , follow us to learn 2 ways to transfer contacts from Nokia phone to iPhone.

        Tutorial 1: Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone SIM Card Transfer

      Tutorial 2: Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone with Mobile

Tutorial 1: Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone SIM Card Transfer

Note: Transferring your contacts from Nokia phone to an iPhone via SIM card is more complex because the iPhone require a different size SIM card. If you have a SIM card cutter for your iPhone then you will have no problem using this option. Also note that you can only import your contacts from your SIM card once.

Step 1: Copy Nokia Contacts to SIM Card

1) Go to Contacts> Options> Settings> Contacts to Display> Check only ”Phone Memory”, now all contacts on Phone Memory will be shown.
2) Go to Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all > Options > Copy > SIM Memory. All your Nokia phone contacts will now be copied to SIM card.

Step 2: Copy from SIM Card to iPhone

Now that all your contacts are in the SIM card, you just have to import SIM contacts to iPhone to transfer all your contacts to your new iPhone.
1) Insert the SIM card in iPhone.
2) Tap Settings.

3) Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

4) Tap Import SIM Contacts.

5) All your contacts will now be copied to your new iPhone.

Note: You must use the iPhone contacts once you import contacts from your SIM card to check all contacts have been copied.

Tutorial 2: Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone with Mobile Transfer

Step1: Install and launch this Mobile Transfer

Firstly, install and run this phone transfer on your computer. The interface will be shown on your computer screen.

Note: Mobile Transfer use iTunes interface. Thus, to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone, you must install iTunes on your computer. However, if you move contacts between Nokia and Android, you don’t need to install iTunes.

Step2: Connect your Nokia and iPhone to computer

Next, connect your Nokia phone and iPhone to your PC through USB cables at the same time. After detected by this phone transfer tool, your Nokia phone will be displayed in the left, while your iPhone in the right. Likewise, you can simply click "Flip" to change the place when your Nokia phone is located in the right. If your iPhone is full of many unimportant contacts, you can erase your iPhone contacts by ticking off "Clear data before copy".

Step3: Transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone

As you see, contacts, photos and music are all marked. To copy contacts, you should uncheck photos and music. Then click "Start Copy". This phone transfer begins to transfer contacts. During contacts transferring, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.

Bingo! Now your Nokia contacts are on your iPhone. Just this easy, isn’t it? Download the program below and reject
type the contacts one by one now.

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