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Samsung announce Golden Edition Galaxy S4 to counter iPhone 5S/5C

When Apple announced champagne-colored iPhone 5S and Colorful iPhone 5C. Maybe you are marvel at the colorful iPhone 5C & 5S. What about Samsung’s phone? Poor black and white as the main colors. Many people think the colorful iPhone 5S & 5C will cause great impact to Samsung. Samsung will lost a lot of younger customers who love colorful phone if Samsung still be unresponsive.

After all ,Samsung is a powerful mobile phone manufacturer with very keen market observation. Two weeks later, Samsung introduced its new phone-Gold Edition Galaxy S4. It has two kinds- Gold Pink or Gold Brown. Samsung introduced Golden Edition Galaxy S4 on its United Arab Emirates social media outlets. It's no doubt that Samsung this a golden flagship product will win many of younger customers who also interested in Samsung Galaxy Android Phone.


If you have bought Samsung Galaxy S4, this article will introduce you 3 useful software to take care your Samsung Galaxy S4. And this 3 high recommended software are not only for Samsung Galaxy S4,but also suitable for all Android phone manufactured by different enterprise.

MobileGo for Android
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Android Data Recovery: World’s 1st data recovery software for Android. If your data of Samsung Galaxy S4 was deleted by accident.Android Data Recovery help your to recover lost SMS message, contacts, photos ,music & video etc with a 1 click.


Phone to Phone Transfer
: Directly transfer Contacts, SMS, Photos, Music, Videos, Call Logs, and apps from one phone to another among Android, Symbian & iOS devices. If you change your mobile phone from iPhone /Nokia/Android to Samsung Galaxy S4 and you are in need of move the data from your old phone to S4 ,this mobile transfer would help you a lot.



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