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How to Restore Photos from Broken Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5

How to Restore Photos from Broken Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5

"Hey, guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, but I don't mind the screen broke. I'm going to fix it, but before I fix this broken phone, I'd like to get my vacation photos back first. The problem, however, is that the screen is completely unresponsive and I can't access the phone to transfer files. Any suggestions?" Asked Bohr          

The screen on the Android device is the most critical part of it, which is equivalent to the world window. But when the window is broken, you won't be able to browse the world through this window, or even swipe your card through your vacation photos. Fortunately, there are many can damage the Samsung Galaxy S6 data recovery tool, you still have a chance to recover all the files locked in your Android device, regardless of your screen is broken, but still response, or completely black.          

Fone Lab Android mobile phone extraction is for broken mobile phone to get data break. This is your best to repair the freeze, crashes, or black screen lock files from normal and broken Android device or memory card in Android system.          

Here, I would like to recommend the most reliable and effective broken Samsung Galaxy S6 data recovery software, all of you, breaking the Android mobile phone data extraction of FoneLab, which is designed for the Android system and the recovery of the abnormal brick Android data recovery equipment. This software can solve many problems for you. It can repair the abnormal Android operating system and return to normal. Problems like death, black screen freezes, brick or other system cashing scenes can fix it. Recover data from damaged or dead Android phones and tablets without data loss. It supports restoring all types of files, such as photos, messages, messages, attachments, contacts, call logs, videos, WhatsApp message, audio, documents, etc.. And it also applies to Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy tablet.You can scan and preview files free of charge before resuming. 100% clean, safe and user-friendly.


*note:The device supported by this program has:
Samsung: Samsung GALAXY Note Edge/4/3/2, Samsung GALAXY S6/S5/S4
HTC: HTC One (M8), HTC One (E8), HTC One remix, HTC One (M7), HTC Desire EYE
LG: LG G3, LG G2
Huawei: Ascend Mate7, Ascend G7, Ascend P7, Ascend G6
Sony: Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2
And all smart phones with Android system.

So Samsung S7/S8 and other Android devicesusers still have to wait for some time.
For other Android device users, you can try Dr.fone android. This program supports more Android devices and may be suitable for your Android device.  

How to Get Photos off A Broken Phone

First, download the trial version of the Android Data Recovery for free, then follow the data extraction steps below to try.

Download Win Download Mac


Step 1: Download and install the program on your PC with above link. Then the program will automatically launch when it is successfully installed. Choose Broken Android Phone Data Extractionfrom the interface.

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. Click Start if your device stays in broken screen, black screen or non-responsive screen, you cannot enter password or cannot touch the screen. Otherwise, click Fix Device.

Step 3: Make sure that you choose the correct information of your Android phone including the device name and device model. Then click Confirm to move on.

Step 4: This step will lead your Samsung phone to enter Download mode. Follow the on-screen instruction to enter: power off the phone – press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power button together – press the Volume Up button, and then click on the Start button.

Step 5: The program will scan data from your device. After it is done, choose Gallery and Picture Libraryon the left column and click Next.

Step 6: Preview and mark those found images you want to recover and click Recover to save them onto your computer.

Well that’s all. No technical knowledge required at all. Anyone can do it by following above step-by-step guide. But do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any doubt.

Download Win Download Mac


There are many unexpected surprises in my life. In order to avoid data loss, we must regularly store our important data on the computer.

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