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The New Highlight of Upcoming iPad 5

The New Highlight of Upcoming iPad 5

As the formal release of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, the fifth-generation iPad which has rumored a long time should also will soon appear in the public eye. Since early 2013, the industry has always rumours that the fifth-generation iPad will adopt a narrow-frame design, which will be a magnified version of the iPad mini. To this end, we've confirmed with CiccareseDesign again and again, and attained some fresh renderings of what the updated iPad will look like.

Taiwan KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has similar inference in his research note,besides,earlier than before, Russian web site the Appleinsider exclusive released similar suspected the clear real photos of the fifth-generation iPad, and these images are based on the leaked iPad 5 enclosure, to sum up of which we have sufficient reasons to believe is indeed real.

It is reported that the latest fifth-generation iPad will focus attention on the screen, thickness and
weight are greatly reduced, as the lightest and the thinnest tablets. Just from the images, we are not difficult to see that the edge of the fifth-generation iPad significantly narrower than the iPad 4, the proportion is close to the iPad mini. While from the datum point of view, the fifth-generation iPad will be more lighter and more thinner, its thickness will be 15% thinner than the iPad 4, weight will also 24%-32% lighter. Sources say this is because the new device with only a backlit light-emitting diodes (leds), is the half of the fourth-generations, not only reduce the weight, will also reduce power consumption, thereby reducing the demand for the battery, but this may still need further verification.

Combining the picture below and Appleinsider provides before, the fifth-generation iPad will most likely use a 9.7-inch Retina display, and operating systems, there is no doubt that will use the new iOS 7.

Integrated all the data we collected, we predict a reference data about the fifth-generation iPad as below:

Basic Parameters Release Date: on October 15, 2013
Operating System: iOS7
Processor: A6 or A7X dual-core 64
GPU: PowerVR 6Series
System Memory: 2 gb Quad - Channel LPDDR3
Storage Capacity: 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB, 128GB (and even 256GB)
Display Screen Screen Size: 9.7 inches
Screen Resolution: 2048 x1536
Screen Description: capacitive-touch screen, embedded-multipoint-touch screen (10 points touch), GF DITO touch screen
Device Description: QXGA Retina display
Support Language: support multiple languages
Network Linking Support WiFi Function: 802.11 b/g/n wireless protocol
Bluetooth Function: support
Audio & Video Voice: built-in sound chips, built-in microphone
External Interface Data Interface: Lightning interface
Audio Interface: 3.5 mm AV OUT
Power Supply Battery Type: lithium-ion polymer battery (not removed)
Battery Capacity: 8827 mAh
Battery Life: the specific time depending on the use environment
Function Parameter Camera: dual cameras
Browse Pictures: support JPG, TIFF, GIF format
Built-in Sensor: the direction sensor, ambient light sensor, distance sensor, wireless charging, the fingerprint scanning unlocked
Apparent Parameter Chassis Material: glass and stainless steel
Casing Color: black, white

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