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How to Backup and Restore Android Data on Computer

How to Backup and Restore Android Data on Computer

Also are intelligent system in mobile phones, Android system is a new system, interface more gorgeous than symbian, open nature is stronger than symbian, and compared with Symbian and Blackberry system, more rich in terms of the third party software. Android has become the only system that can rival with Apple's iOS system, by virtue of its smooth and gorgeous operating experience and a huge number of Apps, Android become the fastest growing smartphone operating system.

Android phones really powerful enough, however, the missing of mobile phone data backup and recovery, plaguing many Android users, whether there is a useful and effective way to solve this problem?

Surely yes! Android Data Transfer is a reliable manager of your Android phone. This Android Transfer provides you the directest way to quickly and easy backup contacts, text messages, calendar, Call logs, playlists info, Apps, photos, music, videos and more from Android device, So that you can breezily restore your Android phone whenever your deleted or lost data due to formatting SD card, accidentally deletion, restoring factory settings, rooting phone, etc.

Try the corresponding Free Download trial version below beginning to backup and recover your lost or deleted data files.

Guide : How to Backup and Restore Android Phone and Tablet Data on Computer

First of all, download and install the program on your computer, then please follow the guide below step by step.

Step 1: Run the program and connect your Android to the computer

Run the Android Data Transfer and connect your devices via USB cables or WiFi following the instructions on the primary window.

The options to backup and to restore are both located on your device's home screen, find them under "Tools you may like". On the main interface, your device model and brand will be displayed. Click the option you wish to use(for example “One-Click Backup”).

Step 2: Backup Android files to computer

As the screen you can see, all your Android data (Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and Apps) will be detected by the Android Transfer app and listed on the left column of the window. You can backup these data one-by-one or backup them all at one time by clicking on "One-Click Backup" on the home interface.

1)For Text Messages

2)For Contacts

3)For Media(Music, Photo, Video and more)

4)For Phone Apps

5)For SD Card/Memory Card Files

6)For Online Resources

Check the contacts, SMS, applications, calendar, playlists, call log, apps and playlist info as you need and select a location on your computer by hitting on "Browse"(like E:\Android Backup \2013-12), and then click on "Back Up" to finfish the backup work.

Step 3: Restore Android data from your Android

Once you have backup your Android device, you can restore them whenever you need. What you need to do is just click the "Toolkit" tab in the left column and click "Restore" button to get them back. for your Android phone or tablet.


More Informations of Android Data Transfer

Android Data Transfer help Manage Everything from Android phones and tablets on Your PC

-Backup and restore all the contacts, videos, music, photos, SMS, apps, and more;
-Installation, removal, data transfer fast and easy to get out of the problem;
-Convert audio/video to Android format, and extract audio and ringtones;
-Import and export music directly from or to iTunes Library Sending/replying to text messages directly on your computer and send to a group;
-MobileGo for Android support latest Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 Active, HTC One, HTC One Mini,ect.

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